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  1. Hi–Just saw your site for the first time. AWESOME–Anyway, if I may. I would like to suggest my own novel, “The Priest & the Peaches” which launched the beginning of this year. It is about five (5) newly orphaned catholic kids trying to remain together as a family. They have no money, the rent is behind, the utilities get turned off and life is suddenly “TOUGH”. The local parish priest, Fr. Tim Sullivan, helps guide them along. Anyway, the book has received the Catholic Writer’s Guild Seal of Approval (SoA) and has received some wonderful reviews. All the pertinent info is at my site if you would like to check it out. Please contact me directly if you have any questions. I am presently working on the sequel to this book. It is an ebook and the publisher is Tribute Books. It has been classified as YA historical fiction because it takes place in the mid 1960’s. Thanks for your time Larry P

    • Hi Larry,

      Thank you so much for bringing your novel to my attention! It sounds wonderful and I will add it to the site right away (sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner)–I work on this site as time allows, and that’s not always as frequently as I would like! 🙂

      Congratulations on your book, and best of luck on the sequel!


      • Hi Therese–I noticed there is a link for ‘free ebooks’ I would like to offer my books (I also have a children’s book out , Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes, and this also has the CWG SoA. Anyway, when you can let me know how I might do this or if I can. Thanks Larry

  2. Marcus Grodi, of EWTN fame, who hosts The Journey Home, well…yes, I know he writes mostly non-fiction apologetics stuff. But he does have two FABULOUS Catholic novels: “How Firm a Foundation” and “Pillar and Bulwark.”

    Also Brian J. Gail’s Trilogy: “Fatherless”, “Motherless”, and “Childless.”
    All three of these novels are great!

    By the way, I LOVE your site and soooooo appreciate what you are doing.

    • Thank you so much, Kate! I’m thrilled that people are visiting my site and finding it enjoyable!

      Thank you also for taking the time to contact me with your suggestions;I will add them very soon, and please always feel free to send more suggestions my way.

      God bless,

      • Hi Therese,
        I thought of 3 more that I don’t think you have posted yet:
        The three Bud Macfarlane Jr. books–Pierced by a Sword, Conceived Without Sin, and House of Gold. All GREAT reads. I think they would belong in your “Contemporary” Genre section.
        Your site has me thinking about writing again. I wrote (and got ebooks published) of secular fluff in the past. And said I was DONE with that sort of stuff. I think I was pretty good at it but…Useless stuff. Not making a contribution to society. (I don’t read that sort of thing, so why write it!)Thought I was DONE with writing, unless it could be some worthwhile Catholic stuff. But I didn’t think that that could ever have a hope of being published so…
        But now I’m thinking maybe there IS a hope of that sort of thing being published. Maybe someone can write a worthwhile contribution of something that really matters (the ONLY thing that really matters) and still get published??
        Hope is glimmering in the distance. LOL!
        God bless you for what you are doing.
        But now I’m thinking maybe something like that

        • I posted a link to your site on Catholic Answers Forum. We’ll see what happens.
          Do you ever go on there? It is awesome. A bit too liberal for me. But still…pretty good.

          • Thanks for the link, Kate! Much appreciated!

            Yes, I do go on the Catholic Answers Forum on occasion. I think the scope of subjects that are covered is pretty impressive.

        • You are so on top of this, Kate! 🙂 Thanks for the latest suggestions–they’re really helpful.

          That’s wonderful that you are thinking of returning to writing! Catholic fiction may be a niche market, but it is certainly a worthwhile one, and hopefully the readers will continue to increase. Thankfully, there are some great publishers out there willing to publish great Catholic stories.

          God bless you and your writing, and please keep me updated. I would love to see your book on here in the future!


  3. Mine’s a manuscript in search of an agent.
    ‘WILD SPIRITS’ (75,000 words approx.) tells the living story of everyday people confronting the terror and tragedy of civil war with hope and courage, dogged by mounting despair. Here, there are no heroes, just combatants and civilians struggling to hold on to their humanity. Two priests- one white, the other black, and a congregation of nuns battle the weighty pressures of their calling with varying results. One cleric takes violent action and suffers the crushing blow of intense guilt. Fear of himself and a wily intelligence officer haunts the other. A nun violated turns suicidal…But for them all, victims and violators alike, this pilgrimage to sorrow is a remarkable, even if costly journey to self-discovery…

    • Congratulations! I see your book Wild Spirits has found a home as the winner of the 2012 Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction (novel winner). Well done! Interested readers can check it out here on the Tuscany Press website. I wish you and your book much success!

  4. This is a great site…I would love to add my novella, The Glass Ruins, to the list. A description:

    In The Glass Ruins a man is sent from the future to present-day Seattle to convince his pregnant mother not to abort him.

    Jasper Carnelian is a family man living in a post-collapse America with only the remnants of our current technology. Returning from an errand one night he is met by a mysterious man who supernaturally dispatches him to our present-day Seattle, with instructions only to find his young mother Annette. He soon realizes he is in a time before his birth, yet during his mother’s pregnancy with him.

    The story alternates between Jasper’s trip to present-day Seattle and a time in the post-collapse future when Jasper is just ten years old.

    In the present, he meets homeless men who discuss the failings of our world, lives through a bombing attack, and struggles to find his mother as a city falls into chaos.

    In the future, Jasper questions a gas station owner on the origin of the universe, the big bang, and God.

    The Glass Ruins can be read freely on the web here:

    You can also read it on Kindle ($3.99):


  5. Hi Therese,

    I am a Catholic author who has just had my first novel (aimed at young adult readers) released in August by Bezalel Books, a Catholic publishing house. My book is called “Finding Grace,” and it is is set in a small town in the 1970’s. It is filled with Catholic characters and is a pro-family, pro-chastity, pro-life, coming of age love story. It promotes Catholic themes throughout, but with compassion and humor and without being too preachy. Here is a short synopsis, which appears on the back cover of the book: At the age of thirteen, Grace Kelly (who has been saddled with the name of a world-renowned beauty, but is far from one herself) is inspired by an offhand comment from her father to become a saint. But coming of age and falling deeply in love for the first time in the early 1970’s–in the wake of the 60’s “sexual revolution” and the historic Roe v. Wade decision–presents true challenges for young people who are trying to live chastely. Grace realizes that without the help of God, the Blessed Mother, and all the saints in Heaven, navigating the thorny path to sainthood would be an almost insurmountable task.

    I decided to write “Finding Grace” with my future grandchildren in mind (and then my first two–identical twin girls–were born while I was still in the process of writing it!), worried about the kind of books that will be targeted at them by the time they become teenage readers. I wanted to write something that would combat the damaging secular messages that bombard our young people daily–in books, on T.V., in movies, and even in school.

    My book is available on in both paperback and Kindle form, if you’d like to check it out to see if it’s something you feel you could recommend to your readers. I can also provide a hard copy if necessary.

    I have applied for the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval and am really hoping to get that, as I feel it would give my book credibility with Catholic parents. But in the meantime, maybe you could go to either the Bezalel or Amazon site and give it a look.

    Thank you very much!
    Laura Pearl

  6. Therese: Thanks for listing my Catholic mysteries on your site: BLEEDER, VIPER (both from Sophia Institute Press), and “Blood of the Martyrs” (Amazon Kindle Select). Story summaries and reviews are available at my web site. Gace and peace, John

  7. Please enjoy Cracks in the Ice, YA Christian fiction. It has received the Seal of Approval of the Catholic Writers Guild. The niece of a mafia don, Gina, has dreams of Olympic gold in figure skating. Well on her way, tragedy strikes. Without support and resources, Gina loses her identity off the ice. She spirals into despair and alcoholism. The love of two people who never give up on her help her crawl out of the abyss, return to the Church of her childhood, and into the arms of God. She learns there are other victories beside Gold. The book includes discussion questions for teen readers. Find the book at

  8. Hello, Therese,
    I just found this website. Thank you for this great outlet for Catholic writer’s words.
    I have several books published and have just finished a new teen/YA adventure called ‘The DNA Connection” which I hope to have in print sometime this next year. The Kindle version is already on Amazon. The DNA Connection combines fact and fiction when a group of students from St. Joseph’s High School are transported back in time. This unforeseen trip shows that the fears, heart breaks, joy and uncertainties of the teenage soul transcends the ages. This story like my book, Hiding the Stranger, which was one of the finalists for the CWG CALA award, offers intrigue and suspense while reflecting moral victories through teen struggles. My other books include ‘My Big Feet’, an anti-bullying story, ‘The Reluctant Knight’, a tribute to the Knight of Columbus, and a children’s story about the true treasures in life called ‘Lonny the Lizard Finds a Treasure’.

    May God bless you and all the writers who praise God through their gift of words.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Joan, and for the information about your novels! I’ll be happy to list them on this site and help spread the word.

  9. I have just published Assassinating Pope Francis on Amazon and Kindle.

    This novel pits a progressive young nun against a powerful cardinal intent on returning the Catholic Church to the sixteenth century, even if it means murdering the pontiff.

    This 85,000 word novel presents Sister Mary in an action adventure thriller. She combines her detective and espionage skills in foiling a plot to use high tech weaponry to kill the pope in a public spectacle right in Saint Peter’s plaza.

    Sister Mary is a dynamic young woman who does not passively examine clues before deducing the identity of the criminal. You will find Sister Mary in the middle of the action. She has prior knowledge of martial arts and military tactics and she uses them. Although she never kills an antagonist, people are sometimes injured, including Sister Mary, and some die. Crusading against the opponents of the Church can be a dangerous and bloody business.

    Assassinating Pope Francis is the fourth book in the Sister Mary’s Bad Habit Adventures series. The other books are Stop the Traffick in which Sister Mary inflitrates a human trafficking cartel, Liberating Theology where Sister Mary takes on a dictator and a cocaine lord in South America, and In Search of Noah’s Art – Sister Mary discovers a neo-Nazi cult preparing a new Holocaust using high tech genetics.

    • Hi George,

      I just wanted to let you know that I did receive you email and I finally got around to listing all four of your novels. You can view your books on both the Adventure and the Suspense/Thriller pages.

      Thanks so much for contacting me, and God bless you and your writing!


  10. Hi Therese!

    I am amazed to find a site that is so accommodating and so reachable as yours. Thanks for all the help you are doing especially for starting writers like my boss Michael Shaughnessy. He has written two Catholic novels and he is also a full-time international youth program director called Kairos.

    His first book, The Archangel of Westminster is about a fascinating interview of a tour-guide with Michael the Archangel during Holy Week. Also on that week Kate decides to die and Michael saw an intense spiritual battle for her soul.
    His second novel, The Red Madonna is about Fr. Michael Reilly facing a grave sex-abuse scandal accusation. Can he really stand as a man of God?

    Thank you for your kind consideration.

    God bless you and keep up the good work.

    In Christ,

    • Hi Jerome,

      I just wanted to let you know that I did receive you email and I finally got around to listing both of Michael Shaughnessy’s novels. You can view them here.

      Thanks so much for contacting me, and for your kind words!

  11. I’d like to recommend a new book of short stories by J. Mulrooney, “The Day Immanuel Kant was Late: Philosophical Fables, Pious Tales, and Other Stories”. A flower who prostitutes herself, a bee, a devil who goes to confession — a wild mixture. These aren’t children’s stories (well, there is one — a Just So Story called “How the Dog and Horse Left Paradise and Came to Serve Man”), rather a more up to date mix of magic realism with more realistic family portraits. Catholicism shot throughout the book. Highly recommended!

  12. Hello, and thank you for your site, and the opportunity for readers to post their own comments. My father’s novel Reconciliation Day at Mater Dolorosa releases on Amazon via Kindle tomorrow, 10/31/2014. It is available at I post the synopsis below, for potentially interested readers:

    San Francisco’s Excelsior District, as the last Italians on Persia Street face a new world. A failed writer. A football hero. A coffin in a rose garden. A mummy in an old car. A kidnapped girl in the fennel grove. The Italian old-timers go to Mater Dolorosa’s Spanish Mass because not understanding it makes them feel more Catholic. This is not Bruno’s world any more, and not even Reconciliation Day can save him.

  13. I thought I’d suggest my new fantasy novel, The Queen of Steel and Fire. Here’s the blurb:

    A murdered king. A young princess forced to take the throne. An enemy queen, lusting after an empire. A war to engulf an entire world in steel and fire.

    When her father is murdered, sixteen-year-old princess Claire Erinn must become the first female ruler of Keldaren. As soon as Claire takes the throne, enemies arise on her borders—and from within her own court.

    Claire knows she’s not ready to rule. But that’s a secret she has to hide—from her enemies, and from her own people. Claire must act like a strong queen if she hopes to survive long enough to become one.

    As war looms, Claire struggles to save her kingdom, and herself. A rival queen and Claire’s half-mad brother are both coming for her crown—and her head.

    With Death herself hunting her, Claire must become the warrior her kingdom needs. She’s willing to face Death to save Keldaren. But the price of victory may be even higher than Claire’s life.

    Although the novel is not explicitly Christian, it is an allegory for the emergence of the Catholic Church from pagan Rome, and touches on themes of redemption and forgiveness, the struggle between faith and doubt (and reconciling faith and reason) as well as how to be good in a world awash with moral relativism. There is no sexual content in the book, but there is some violence, as the story includes war, murder, and assassination attempts. The novel would be appropriate for both adult and YA readers.

    I’d love to hear from readers, and for a limited time, I’ll be giving away a free ebook copy of The Queen of Steel and Fire to anyone who is willing to give the book an honest review on (and if you’re so inclined!). Your readers can contact me through facebook if they’re interested in a free ebook in exchange for an honest review.

    Thanks, and I’m glad I found your website, it seems like a great resource for those of us who are looking for something more specifically Catholic than just the general “Christian fiction” category.


  14. I just came across this website while Googling the subject of Catholic fiction and thought I’d take the opportunity let you all know about a novel I have recently self-published — Our Lady of West 74th Street.

    The story follows the history of a miracle-working icon depicting the Virgin Mary and the seven archangels. It tells of the lives the icon touches, and of the angels and devils who are alternately trying to protect and destroy it. The events go from 42 AD, to the early 1990s, to the present, back to 1941, with a few stops in between.

    As the modern-day portion of the story begins, anthropology professor Emily Campbell investigates recent paranormal occurrences at a New York City day care center. Her findings, along with developments in her own life, cause her to question long-held opinions and to see her past in a new light. But Emily is not the only one whose world is changing. As Emily tries to understand the signs around her, others are attempting to make sure she never does.

    For more information, please see the page at:

  15. WR.PARK’s The Franciscan is the most internationally anticipated religious suspense-thriller since Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. Written 14 years ago, The Franciscan eerily forebodes current events in the Vatican predicting the coming of the current Pope Francis and proves to be a timely novel more than a decade after it was penned.

    Synopsis: “The pope is not infallible.” When the newly elected Pope Francis utters this bold and unprecedented statement, he captures the attention of the world’s population. His reforms leave no corner untouched as he strips away the mask so long held before the face of the papacy. Bringing with him and open-minded candor rarely seen by public figures – he’s an inspiration to his followers – and a threat to those who oppose him.

    “This novel’s Pope Francis is a bold and courageous pope whose sweeping reforms reversing ancient Vatican edicts place his life in grave danger,” says WR.PARK.

    To learn more, go to

  16. I have recently published a book titled Return to Paradise. It is a Catholic based Christian novel. It explores themes such as faith, prayer and following God’s will. The intercession of Mary plays an integral role in the plot. Within the plot, aspects of the Catholic faith are promoted. These include Adoration, confession, the Eucharist, and the Crucifix.

    David had planned to go to his college homecoming and then spend a week with his parents. However, an accident on the highway sends him on a detour that will ultimately result in him spending the weekend in Spring River, a small farming community where many of the local farmers are facing foreclosure. Is David’s arrival in Spring River purely happenstance, or is there a reason for him to be there? As David learns more about the corrupt practices of the local bank he must decide what role, if any, he will play in trying to stop the foreclosures. Complicating his decision is Sarah, a local waitress. With plans to only be in town a couple of days, David knows that Sarah will likely be just a passing acquaintance. But is that all she really is to him?

    Through prayer and faith, the town of Spring River is given new hope. Through prayer and learning to surrender to God’s will, David is shown the path that God has for him.

    “Tim Speer has written a wonderful story that will grip your heart and deeply affect your soul. You will thoroughly enjoy the journey!”

    David Cook
    Author/Executive Producer: Seven Days in Utopia

  17. The following is a non-fiction book, which is available as a free eBook at , and which may be of interest to readers on this site. It is called “The Path of the Foundress”. The path walked by the foundress-saint is always one of self-transcendence as she surrenders to a divine inner call. Reference is made to fifty foundresses of women’s congregations in the Catholic tradition to show a pattern that is evident in the lives of foundresses. Particular reference is made to the mystic, St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582), foundress of the Discalced Carmelites, as an early foundress in sixteenth-century Spain and in the monastic tradition; St Mary of the Cross MacKillop (1842-1909), Australia’s first and at present only recognized saint, foundress of a predominantly teaching order, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart; Little Sister Magdeleine (1898-1989), of France, foundress of the Little Sisters of Jesus, whose way of life is as contemplatives in the world; and Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997), foundress of the Missionaries of Charity, an order which seeks to serve the poorest of the poor. This book may appeal to anyone interested in the spiritual life in general, and in particular in regard to women foundresses. This is a revised and shorter version of the book “Mary MacKillop: The Path of the Foundress”, which features the Australian saint. That book would be of particular interest to followers of St Mary. This shorter version is aimed for a more general audience of those who may be interested in the path of the foundress.

  18. Please consider my young adult novel Angelhood. It’s about a Catholic teen who (sort of like George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life) thinks the world would better off without her. The guardian angels in the book meet at a real Catholic church in Chicago called Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica. The book has been very positively reviewed on several Catholic websites including ( and has won the 2015 Readers’ Favorite Award in young adult, social issues category.

  19. May I suggest Darker the Night, a historical novel based on actual experiences of a young Catholic woman growing up in Hitler’s Germany. Feast day masses are interrupted by Nazi parades, the local priest is taken to Dachau, and Hedy must deceive the work camp matron just to make it to mass.
    As her pride in her country is shattered by news of the Nazi atrocities and her personal experiences, her father reminds her, the darker the night, the brighter the stars. Is her star the charming American Counter-Intelligence Agent who keeps appearing in the oddest places?

  20. Good afternoon,

    I represent Mary Grace Marshall, an author of Catholic science fiction. Her book “Angel Fire” centers on an interstellar conflict that is occurring at the same time that a large portion of the galaxy is coming to know Catholicism. Reviews can be found here:

    In anticipation for the sequel which is set to be released in 2017, Mary Grace Marshall is currently offering free copies of either the first or second edition of her book “Angel Fire” to any bloggers who may wish to review it, as well as offering Skype interviews.

    Reviews and information about Angel Fire can be found here:

    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

  21. God bless everyone whose writings bring joy to God. My book, “The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose” is written for children 7 years and older, but adults also learn from the story. It takes the Hail Mary prayer and tells the story of the Nativity and Incarnation. I hope you will check it out on my website It is also available on Kindle.

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