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The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch
by T. M. Gaouette

Sunshine Ranch offers love and hope, meaning this foster home is probably too good to be true. Sure enough, 10-year-old Benedict’s fears are validated when he learns that his new family may lose their ranch–unless he can help save it.


Brigid and the Butter:
A Legend about St. Brigid of Ireland

by Pamela Love

Brigid wants to feed the hungry, but she is often hungry herself. When a beggar woman asks for the only food Brigid has–a dish of butter–she learns how to open her heart in generosity


The Forgotten Christmas Saint: Saint Anastasia
(God’s Forgotten Friends for Children,
Volume 3)

by Susan Peek

Of all the saints in Heaven, Saint Anastasia is the only one whose feast day falls on Christmas itself! Join her and her best friend, Saint Theodota, as they bravely prove their love for God and neighbor, even unto the sacrifice of their own lives.


The Man God Kept Surprising:
Saint William of Bourges
(God’s Forgotten Friends for Children,
Volume 2)

by Susan Peek

Riches, fame, knighthood, an easy life in a grand castle. These were the things that rightly belonged to William by his noble birth. Instead he chose to leave it all behind and give himself completely to God. Building a hut in the quiet woods, he planned to live out his days there in prayer and solitude. But God had other plans for William . . .

7 Riddles to Nowhere
A.J. Cattapan

With the arrival of a letter, seventh grader Kameron Boyd learns that he and several others have been selected as potential heirs to a fortune. He just has to solve a series of seven riddles to find the treasure before the other students. If he succeeds, he’ll become heir to a fortune that could save his school.


Small for the Glory of God:
Saint John the Dwarf
(God’s Forgotten Friends:
Little-known Saints for Children, Volume 1)

by Susan Peek

Being different from others is never easy. Saint John the Dwarf, of all people, could tell you that! But he discovered a secret–a great BIG secret–which changed his life and turned him into a giant of a saint.

Mission Libertad
by Lizette M Lantigua

Fact and fiction converge in this thrilling tale of 14-year old Luisito Ramirez, a courageous boy who daringly escapes from 1970s communist Cuba as he becomes immersed in American culture and carries out a secret religious mission under the eyes of spies.


The Secret of the Shamrock
(Chime Travelers, Book 1)

by Lisa M. Hendey

When Patrick has to work on his church’s cleaning team on a Saturday, he thinks his weekend fun is ruined. But when the old church bells start chiming, Patrick and his pet frog, Francis, are suddenly taken back through time to ancient Ireland. Will the strange shepherd he meets be able to help him get home, or will Patrick be stuck taking care of sheep in the rain and mud forever?

The Sign of the Carved Cross (Chime Travelers, Book 2) by Lisa M. Hendey

Katie joins her friends in being mean to the new girl, Lily. But suddenly, Katie becomes the new girl—in 1675! She has no idea how she traveled in time to a Native American village, but she’s hoping the young woman she meets will be nicer to her than Katie was to Lily.

The Whisper in the Ruins (Chime Travelers, Book 3) by Lisa M. Hendey

Patrick and his twin sister Katie are shocked when they learn that someone threw a brick through the St. Francis of Assisi stained glass window at St. Anne’s. The twins want to investigate, but before Patrick can learn anything, he’s swept into another adventure–in the year 1205!

The Mystery at Midnight (Chime Travelers, Book 4) by Lisa M. Hendey

During a class field trip to visit the monastery of the Poor Clares, Katie is unexpectedly swept up into time-travel adventure. She finds herself in Assisi, meets a young woman named Clare, and learns a secret: Clare wants to leave everything behind and join Francis and his brothers in service to God. On the night she leaves, Clare and Katie must run through the darkness and escape through a door only used for funerals, the Door of the Dead.

The Strangers at the Manger (Chime Travelers, Book 5) by Lisa M. Hendey

Patrick and Katie Brady are introduced to an immigrant family who recently arrived at St. Anne’s Parish. A tinkling bell transports the twins to first-century Bethlehem, where they meet the Holy Family–and come to understand what it is like to be a “stranger at the manger.”

Animals of God (Volume 1) by Susan Peek

Children’s Stories of Animals Who Encountered Saints . . . Told from the Animals’ Points of View! Three delightful stories for young Catholics, beautifully illustrated with black and white drawings. Children will delight in these wonderful animal tales!
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Animals of God (Volume 2) by Susan Peek

Children’s Stories of Animals Who Encountered Saints . . . Told from the Animals’ Points of View! Two delightful stories for young Catholics, beautifully illustrated with black and white drawings. Children will delight in these wonderful animal tales!

The Confession of Grace by Pamela Patnode

The Confession of Grace is a fictional story written for the young elementary age student. This engaging book innstructs young people about the Church’s teaching on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, but it does so within the context of the story. This page-turner answers important faith-based questions using the best teaching method around: story-telling!

A Communion of the Heart by Pamela Patnode

This engaging story of a young child about to receive First Holy Communion is sure to delight any elementary age child. Children and parents alike will love this book because it teaches the faith using the most powerful teaching method around: story-telling.

Brother Hugo and the Bear by Katy Beebe

For ages 5-9
Brother Hugo can’t return his library book–the letters of St. Augustine–because, it turns out, the precious book has been devoured by a bear!

Counting on Faith by Maurice Prater

For ages 3-6
A scriptural counting book for children. Children will learn to count while learning their Catholic Faith because each number represents an important tenet found in Scripture.

Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls by Caryll Houselander

For ages 4 and up
Tales about Catholic children to form your own little ones in holy wisdom and piety. Delightful tales that are simple but not shallow; they manifest a tender love of Christ and His little ones not commonly found among us these days.

Clare’s Costly Cookie by Julie Kelly

For ages 6 and up
Nine year old Clare, a thunderbolt in pigtails, joyfully invites children to experience her transformation from a strong-willed, self-absorbed child to a faithful follower of Jesus. With grace and courage she offers to Him the most meaningful gift she possibly can: her self-will.

Dear God, I Don’t Get It by Patti Maguire Armstrong

For ages 8 and up
When Aaron, a 6th grader, shows compassion to an unlikely kid and risks losing his newfound friends’ acceptance, he experiences the reality that being a real hero sometimes means that others will turn against you. Will God be there to save Aaron and his faltering faith?

Icky & Cece and the Mysterious Mr. Thuan by Donna Piscitelli

For ages 10 and up
Isaac Babcock, whom everyone calls Icky, isn’t looking forward to starting sixth grade. He’s heard about how the eighth graders pick on the incoming sixth graders and he hopes he won’t find himself stuffed into a locker on his first day of school…

Lost in Peter’s Tomb
(Book 1, Adventures With Sister Philomena, Special Agent for the Pope)

by Dianne Ahern

For ages 7 and up
Riley and Delaney are supposed to stay with their aunt, Sister Philomena, in her convent near Rome for the summer. Riley expects this to be a horrible summer living in a convent with a bunch of nuns with nothing to do but pray and go to church. Not surprisingly that attitude starts to change when the secret nature of their aunt’s work begins to unfold. On their first morning in Italy, Sister Philomena rushes Riley and Delaney to the Vatican to help the Pope with an intruder in the Apostolic Palace.

Curse of the Coins(Book 3, Adventures With Sister Philomena, Special Agent for the Pope)
by Dianne Ahern

For ages 7 and up
Set in modern Italy, this book takes Sister Philomena (the Pope s special agent!) and her niece and nephew (who just happen to be staying with her in the convent this summer) on a hunt through Rome to find the lost 30 pieces of silver that Judas was paid to betray Christ.

The Search for the Madonna by Donna Alice Patton

The Search for the Madonna, set during the Great Depression, is an adventure novel for ages 10 and up. Dreaming of a bright future without anymore worries, Maggie is determined to unlock the secrets of the legendary lost Brandenburg treasure.

For ages 7 and up
In this mystery novel, eleven-year-old Becky discovers that someone has been snipping her prize-winning rose, Summer Snow. She sets out to catch the culprit…
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Sisters of the Last Straw: The Case of the Haunted Chapel (Volume 1)
by Karen Kelly Boyce

For ages 7 and up.
This is the first in a series of children’s books that convey the fun-filled story of a group of misfit nuns. These sisters and their madcap adventures teach the importance of tolerance and forgiveness. Each book focuses on the virtues of Gospel living and the frailties of human nature. While children delight in the humor and fast-paced exploits of this special group of nuns, they learn the need to be forgiving of the faults of others and to look for the good in all people.

The Tree of Healing by Diana Gonzalez Tabbaa

For ages 10 and up.
One golden summer, as Rose leaves her childhood years, her grandmother and a heaven-sent friend teach her to bring everything in her life to God in prayer and to bring His Life into her own. She comes to know and trust Him deeply, especially when she discovers a carving made by her father in a great tree that forms the crucifix of a Rosary Garden.

Olivia and the Little Way by Nancy Carabio Belanger

Fifth grader Olivia Thomas has moved to a new school in a new state, and is eager to make friends! Her best friend quickly becomes someone she has never seen: St. Therese of Lisieux. Follow Olivia’s trials as she tries to fit in at St. Michael’s School. With the help of her grandmother, she learns about the Little Way of serving God and how it can change everything!

Whales and Snails and Heavenly Tales by Jean Bischel

A Catholic children’s phonetic reader with 20 short stories and beautiful full color illustrations on each page.