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The Fire Comes to Thérèse by Allen Shoff

Sent to Freyja, one of Earth’s most distant colonies, to complete his tertianship in the Jesuit Order, young priest Father Martin soon discovers that the universe holds a stark and alien beauty far beyond the warmth of mankind’s ancestral home. But when the idyllic peace is shattered by the sudden spark of a long-smoldering political feud, the priest suddenly finds himself embroiled in the center of a potentially devastating interstellar conflict.

Unclaimed (The Memoirs of Jane E, Friendless Orphan Book 1) by Erin McCole Cupp

Born into a future of cloning and bioterror, could Jane Eyre survive? This Jane is an “unclaimed embryo,” and at age ten she is sold into slavery as a data mule. She must fight for freedom and identity in a world mired between bioscientific progress and the religions that fear it.

Bane’s Eyes (I Am Margaret Book 4) by Corinna Turner

In three months, the citizens of the EuroGov will decide whether or not to abolish Sorting, the grim annual harvesting of “imperfect” teenagers for their organs. If they vote the wrong way, then Margo and everyone she cares about will die.

Falling as She Sings by C.J. Sursum

No haven is ever quite heaven . . .
In the not-so-distant future, as civilization breaks down, one wealthy woman builds a massive, walled-in enclave, and outfits it with the technology to be completely self-sustaining. But Menna, a beautiful Vestal scientist in charge of breeding, makes a disastrous mistake. Ultimately, she is forced to choose between her comfortable, sterile existence and a harsh, brutish unknown.

Order of the Blood: The Unofficial Chronicles of John Grissom by Page Zaplendam

When a vampire’s abilities and defects never fully develop, taking on the head of England’s biggest vampire sect could be a bad idea. Ever since he was turned, John Grissom has worked to find a cure for the disease. He, his newly acquired assistant Henrietta, and the Prussian Van Helsing, a veteran vampire hunter, must seek out the elusive vampire lord before he succeeds in dramatically influencing the outcome of the war.
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Angel Fire by Mary Grace Marshall

Saxon-Sorn carries a secret with him that transcends both space and time. He finds safe haven on a hostile planet named Earth. The water tastes bitter, but his life is sweetened with the love of a dauntless woman. Guided by angelic warriors, they embrace a third ally, a dauntless Catholic priest. Together the three must risk their lives in a race against the future and the past.

Testing Liberty (Chasing Liberty Trilogy, Volume 2) by Theresa Linden

Hidden no more. Imprisoned by the all-controlling government. Slated for Re-Education. Liberty must escape from a high-security facility to rescue the colonists who lost their freedom. Their capture is her fault. If she fails to escape and rescue the others, the children, teens and adults of the Maxwell Colony will be integrated into society, facing sterilization and indoctrination.

Chasing Liberty (Chasing Liberty Trilogy, Volume 1) by Theresa Linden

Liberty, a young woman, lives in a future society where faith, family, and freedom do not exist. The all-controlling government has elevated the earth above man. Liberty is slated to be a Breeder. As vocation day draws near, she discovers a secret underground group that watches and rescues people who are unsatisfied with the government’s ways. Maybe they can help her . . .

I Am Margaret (Volume 1) by Corinna Turner

In Margo’s world, if you don’t pass your Sorting at 18 you are recycled. Literally.
Margaret Verrall dreams of marrying the boy she loves and spending her life with him. But she’s part of the underground network of Believers–and that carries the death penalty.

The Three Most Wanted (I Am Margaret, Volume 2) by Corinna Turner

2000 kilometers. Three young adults. A continent-wide manhunt. Chace of survival? No chance. Having outwitted the EuroGov by rescuing an entire facility of teens destined for recycling, Margo is on the run.

Liberation (I Am Margaret, Volume 3) by Corinna Turner

In the Vatican’s hidden place of exile, Margo and her fiance, Bane, hatch a daring plan: use Vatican strike teams to liberate teenagers destined for human ‘recycling’–to start a public outcry against Sorting. But if they succeed, the EuroGov’s vengeance will be swift and merciless.

Interlander by Thomas Ward

Set in London 2065, society has continued its advancement in both philosophy and technology. People no longer suffer the hardships which previous generations faced. However, Sam Moorcroft, a teenager, is drawn to a particular village, primitive in nature…. Interlander is a thought-provoking tale that examines the impact that technology has on a person’s spiritual life.

Toward the Gleam by T. M. Doran

Between the two world wars, on a hike in the English countryside, Professor John Hill takes refuge from a violent storm in a cave. There he nearly loses his life, but he also makes an astonishing discovery — an ancient manuscript housed in a cunningly crafted metal box…. The translation of the manuscript and the search for its origins become a life-long quest for Hill.

The Tripods Attack! (The Young Chesterton Chronicles) by John McNichol

They are coming! Sixteen-year-old Gilbert Chesterton is orphaned and friendless, stuck working a menial job in grimy turn-of-the-century London. Then one night strange lights fill the sky, and a hail of giant meteors crashes into a field outside the city. The next day Gilbert is amazed to find himself hired by a newspaper and rushed out to investigate the scene. Is it a harmless natural phenomenon, or the first wave of a Martian invasion?