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1. Published books of Catholic fiction (yours or another author’s) that you would like to see listed on Authors, this is a nice free way to promote your work!

If you know of a good Catholic fiction book not already included on, submit (simply use the comment box at the bottom of this page) the title and author as well as a link to the synopsis and any other information that you think is relevant.

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Please do mention what makes the work Catholic. While it certainly doesn’t have to be full of Catholicism, there should at least be some Catholic elements in the book so that it makes sense to list it here. (Note: fiction works that are offensive to The Catholic Faith are not welcome.)

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  1. Every book has a back story. The motivation for my novel “Chasing Mayflies” released by eLectio Publishing last month came out of the experience of watching my father lose a courageous battle with lung cancer. He exemplified for his six children, two dozen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren what a Christ-filled life looks like. While my Dad was the opposite of the main character in the story, he would agree with the central message that it’s never too late to seek forgiveness and the stairs to heaven are built with good works. The good thief and the courage of Saint Peter are central in this story of redemption which is wrapped in humor. Reviews to date on Amazon have been stellar.

    A little about me. I am grateful for my Catholic education and graduated with a B.A in English from Merrimack College and earned an M.B.A from Rivier University. For the past twenty-seven years, I worked for an innovative life sciences company which enables bio-pharmaceutical companies to develop and manufacture life-saving therapeutics. I held a number of senior leadership roles before retiring this year.

    I also have had a life-long passion for creative writing. Two of my novels reached the quarter finalist stage in the highly competitive “Amazon Breakthrough Novel” contest. Lessons learned propelled Chasing Mayflies to runner-up status for the Tuscany Prize for Catholic fiction in 2014. The true prize however proved to be the honor of working with award-winning editor Natalie Hanemann and eLectio Publishing in bringing the novel to its full potential.

    I have an article coming out this month on as it’s a relevant novel in this year of mercy. I have also been in contact with Bishop-elect Reed and will join him later this year on Catholic TV to discuss the novel. I would be delighted to be featured and promoted on your site.

    Kind regards,


  2. Most Highly Favored Daughter – A new Catholic Romantic Suspense

    Cara Hawthorne has it all until she inexplicably awakens naked in a hotel room the morning after being honored with the Mother Teresa medal for her charitable work. When an envelope arrives containing despicable photos framing her with a heinous crime, her charmed life begins to crumble as her reputation, marriage, and life are jeopardized.

    Sophia, her sister with whom Cara vies for the affection of their father, Laurence Hawthorne, the nominee for the Ambassadorship of the United Nations, also has it all, but her reckless lifestyle frequently makes her tabloid fodder. A scandal erupts when Sophia enters into an unseemly marriage on the same night that Cara is being honored.

    As Cara and private investigator, Jake Gold, battle to prove Cara’s innocence, they uncover shocking revelations about the city she serves and the people she loves, proving that appearances are often not what they seem.
    Available at Amazon, B&N & Smashwords

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